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Crafting the extraordinary

Sonia and Richard -
Compton Verney

Secret Garden

As if nestled in their own secret garden, the couple exchanged vows amidst the enchanting backdrop of an overgrown chapel locked away on the grounds of Compton Verney cleverly created with our foliage vines. We designed a dream-like natural setting, throughout the decor concept layering roses and all the beauty of a wild english garden, to add that romantic depth. It was a day filled with the beauty of nature, a glimpse of a Robin, and the magic of love. A real-life fairytale.

Nicky and Ada -
The Riverside Glasshouse


In a bold wedding celebration, we transformed the venue with an array of lanterns. We sculpted drapes to intertwine from the ceiling, creating an ethereal backdrop for striking festoon lights to cut through the space. The colour palette was a blend of copper accents, rich green and mustard tones, infusing the space with striking elegance. Our highlight was styling the cake table working with the flavours of the seven cakes on offer so lemon slices and stems of blueberry amongst other tastes became our palette. The wedding radiated the fun of our gorgeous couple.

Deanna and Elliott -
Wootton Park

Modern Boho

This boho styled wedding featured a brief of sculptural pampas grass as its breathtaking centrepiece. We used earthy neutral tones to set the scene alongside combining grey green foliage We crafted a backdrop of dreamy drapes for those picture perfect moments, adding an ethereal touch to the scene. We styled candles, like enchanting stars, into the tablescapes, transforming the celebration into a romantic masterpiece by the finishing flourish of wedding flower bouquets, buttons and a flower girl basket.

Arbonne International -
Multiple Venues

The Collective

Using the brand story that epitomises clean, healthy living, we embraced a natural theme across these events, from lush foliage circles that symbolise vitality to towering palm leaves on statement gold plinths to drawing inspiration from the period drama Bridgerton with abundant floral arrangements. The ambiance always imbued with freshness and vibrancy, where shades of green took centre stage, embodying an eco-friendly love. We created a testament to the beauty of nature and a commitment to the journey of self-care and well-being.

Rachel and Michael -
Castle Bromwich Hall

Festival Vibe

This tipi wedding exuded a lively festival vibe, where the atmosphere was a non-stop celebration and the party spirit was in full swing. We tied vibrant strings of ribbons, and hung festoon lights to transform the venue into an enchanting wonderland. Colourful lanterns added that warm, inviting glow. It was a real-life wedding fiesta, where the air was filled with joy,  and the spirit of celebration was palpable throughout the night while the flags danced.

Rebecca and Miles -
Longbourn Barn

English countryside

With an abundance of lush foliage, this rustic barn underwent a complete transformation, evolving into a natural paradise that epitomised the couple’s love for the outdoors. What was once a blank canvas, we painted with the rich hues of nature. We also weaved fairy lights throughout the space,creating a testament to the magical allure of nature’s embrace. Every detail came together to create an unforgettable experience.

Jess and David -
The Riverside Glasshouse

Winter Elegance

We styled this elegant wedding with a palette of crisp white roses and lush green that exuded both sophistication and serenity anchored around a central long table. The forest green drapes and twinkling fairy lights gave that magical “outside in” feel. We adorned the reception table with striking candlesticks and inky foliage headed by a gathering of fairylight Christmas trees. Every detail, which even extended to grand piano decor, remained crisp and meticulously designed, turning this elegant wedding into a flawless vision of grace and refinement.

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