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At Marianne Taviner, we unite professional styling techniques—elegant draping, floating décor, stylish tablescapes, lifelike faux florals including bouquets, and exquisite lighting—to craft distinctive and breathtaking wedding concepts.

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Our attention to detail soars high, with elements such as ambient lighting, graceful drapes, vibrant lanterns, suspended florals, and lush foliage hoops, all converging overhead. These aerial decor accents infuse your space with texture, depth, and a touch of spellbinding drama, leaving no corner untouched by the magic of Marianne Taviner.

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Aisle Style

The aisle has increasingly become a focal point for creativity and expression. From finishing touches of florals and trailing foliage on chairs framing the path leading to a majestic circular floral arch or oversized floral arrangements the possibilities for your special moment décor are endless. Whether you are getting married indoors or out, let your imagination run wild and allow us to design your perfect aisle.


Our backdrops are an artful fusion of nature and design, where trailing foliage and aesthetic florals cascade in 3D beauty. We work with you to decide whether to layer in drapes for added theatre. Our backdrops become a stage where your most photo-worthy moments come to life, and stand as a testament to the extraordinary flair of Marianne Taviner.



Our tablescapes are meticulously curated to capture the essence of your event’s unique personality. With an eye for detail, we layer each setting with exquisite centrepieces, and accents which communicate your style, transforming your dining experience into a visual beauty. At Marianne Taviner, we believe that every tablescape is a story, where each element is thoughtfully placed to create unforgettable moments around each table.


Here, we create the ambience you envision for your guests. Swags of colour can cascade across a space with a soft, inviting warmth, or ignite the room with dynamic and dramatic flair. We understand that draping can extend beyond aesthetics; transforming your event into a narrative of beauty and drama. At Marianne Taviner, we specialise in crafting atmospheres that transcend the ordinary.



Our lighting designs are the celestial touch that transforms any setting into a captivating wonderland. Whether we work with distinctive festoon lights or delicate twinkling fairy lights, they weave a magical aura to your setting. Our lighting fixtures not only illuminate your event but also inspire a sense of awe, radiating a celebration to remember.


Our commitment to crafting the most exquisite wedding details extends to the creation of timeless wedding bouquets, buttonholes, and more. These pieces are lovingly handcrafted using sustainable mixed media materials, ensuring not only their beauty but their eco-friendly sustainability. Each creation is bespoke and deeply personal, a cherished keepsake that will last a lifetime.

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